Anonymous asked:
What fandoms are you in? Your tumblr is confusing me

I don’t really claim to be in any fandoms, I’m not very good at being the kind of fan Kpop seems to require. I just like what I like and post photos that I think are great, who is in them doesn’t always motivate me. 

Anonymous asked:
What does collectiveloneliness mean?

It comes from a quote by Tablo when he was talking about Airbag on his Fever’s End album. 

I don’t know how to drive, and I usually had to go out late at night to the studio, so I was frequently in cabs. I did a major portion of my brainstorming and lyric work inside cabs. The view looking out from the window of a moving car, or the sound of a talk show on the car radio … all of these things made me see the COLLECTIVE LONELINESS of people everywhere. All within a singular space. Many people seem to be reading into the song as something autobiographical, but I intended it for all people suffering from desolation. 

Some people have songs that mean something to them, or mark an occasion in their life. For me Airbag is an important song. 

It just so happens that CollectiveLoneliness features my design blog initials too. C L = Collective Loneliness = ConceptLore

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